CPAP Supplies: Smart Tips for Shopping on the Web Health News For Families

CPAP Supplies: Smart Tips for Shopping on the Web  Health News For Families

CPAP Supplies: Smart Tips for Shopping on the Web

Being on CPAP therapy is easier to live with if you regularly replace your CPAP cushions, hoses, filters and other supplies. Patients should consider the advantages to replacing their CPAP supplies through an online distributor. Buying online has great advantages as long as you avoid the risks outlined in this article.

Why do you want to regularly replace your CPAP supplies? First, using CPAP will be easier. Having fresh supplies means fewer air leaks and greater comfort. Second, you decrease the chances of respiratory infection. Because even if you regularly clean your equipment, tiny microscopic scratches and cracks eventually form that become perfect hiding spots for bacteria.

Its common to hear people complain about using their CPAP regularly. Luckily when you are replacing the supplies with new ones the device actually works more easily. Helping you lower the serious risks of diabetes, cardiac arrest, heart disease and stroke. You will also get the benefit of a good nights rest.

Dont make the mistake of trying to save money and using unsanitary CPAP supplies. You know the saying, pennywise and pound foolish. Ending up with a lung infection is going to cost a lot more in extra medical bills. Think about how much it will cost you if you have a stroke due to not using CPAP regularly.

Its amazing that some people continue to live in discomfort with their CPAP because they are unaware that cushions and pillows need to be replaced regularly. (In general, a cushion or pillow needs to be replaced avery 2-3 weeks, filters every 2-4 weeks, hoses at least every month, and the entire mask every 3-6 months.)

The small investment you make in CPAP supplies is probably the smartest one you can make. For less than the price of a daily cup of coffee you can have comfortable nights in bed, deep sleep and good health.

Life is hectic these days and nothing beats the convenience of shopping online, especially for CPAP parts and supplies that you are replacing regularly. Look for a website that will set-up a calendar of scheduled deliveries for your supplies. does this but you can also search online.

If you are on CPAP with little or no insurance then buying your fresh supplies online will save you money. You can get the same CPAP supplies from an authorized online distributor for as much as 50% cheaper than your local medical equipment company.

You will want to scam proof your online shopping for CPAP supplies. Shop around to compare the prices. Soon youll realize that you cant rely on the biggest online vendor for the best prices. Be on the look out for over-charges and hidden fees that add up.

1. Avoid websites that offer any brands other than ResMed, F&P or Respironics. Why? Because if a site promotes cheap brands, that is a very good indication that the website is not going to support its customers. Cheap CPAP equipment will mean more problems for their customer service to mess with unless they dont really plan on giving you good customer service.

2. Look for websites that are authorized by the manufacturer to sell their equipment. This way you know that the website meets the manufacturers requirements, such as having customer care services, the ability to honor the warranty, etc. The National Apnea Association provides a short list of recommended dealers, which includes

3. Look for a reputable website with a mask-exchange program. This is essential when it is time to upgrade or check out a new models. These programs allow you to exchange the mask for a new model or different size that fits better. offers this program but you can google CPAP mask exchange program to find other dealers that have this valuable service.

4. Make sure the website has respiratory therapists or other CPAP coaches who can help you trouble-shoot any problems you might have. And make sure this is offered for free. Getting this coaching for free will be useful and save you a ton of money: either by avoiding a trip to the doctors office or not paying the $100-$160 that some websites charge. Simply google free CPAP coaching to find a supplier who offers this.

Pam McKee is the director of Clinical Support at, a ResMed Preferred Internet Provider of CPAP equipment. She has produced a apnea guidebook for sleep apnea sufferers, downloadable for free at

Written by Pam McKee on February 13th, 2009 with

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