Heating and Cooling Systems: Preventive Maintenance is Just Plain Practical

Heating and Cooling Systems: Preventive Maintenance is Just Plain Practical

Homeowners are increasingly conscious of the “little” things they can do around their dwellings to keep equipment in good working condition.

However, some homeowners are rather apprehensive about approaching their heating and cooling systems with preventive maintenance in mind. They believe that even minor HVAC maintenance is something that should be left to a trained professional.

But fear not! Routine maintenance on your heating and air conditioning unit is not difficult and should be performed before switching over to your heating or cooling settings. Of course, always make sure the power is off before you begin maintenance endeavors.

In both your air conditioning and heating systems, changing filters is a relatively simple yet extremely important task that should be conducted on a regular basis, usually monthly. Dirty or neglected air filters can result in an unhealthy environment within the home and may cause residents to suffer respiratory issues. If you are unsure where your filters are located or how to remove and replace them, your owner’s manual should provide you with clear instructions.

Also, check your outdoor air conditioning condenser unit every few weeks to make sure its performance is not being hindered by accumulated dirt, leaves, grass or other debris. Wiping down fan blades and coils and sweeping dirt from easily-accessible areas around your heating and cooling units may require the removal of a fan screen or a panel. But these are very manageable tasks for the average homeowner.

Fittings and connections should also be checked. Any leaks, foul smells or underperformance issues should always be reported to your heating and cooling representative. But you can do the small stuff on your own to ensure that your HVAC system runs smoothly for years to come.

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