Safety -- Privacy -- Long Term Success

Safety -- Privacy -- Long Term Success
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After a very comfortable withdrawal and detox through Elemental Health''s program, you are not just sent out the door. Elemental Health will then follow through with you. After you leave with our 3 month support program.

The purpose of the three month program is to support you once you leave Elemental Health. The program includes:

· Relapse Kit

· Telephone support for 3 months

· Reduced or no charge to return for a second program

Elemental Health''s proprietary program of natural supplements begin rebuilding the neuro-connections, and restarting the chemical production in your brain that have become dormant through the use of drugs use. This method, pioneered by Elemental Health is the most effective treatment for addiction recovery, known to date.

Call us for reservation information, we have addiction professionals standing by to answer your questions and to provide you with a confidential consultation as well as an action plan to use whether you sign up with Elemental Health or not.

Let Elemental Health get you back to a normal, productive, and happy life.

Call 888-294-4355 ext. 4

Elemental Health will take you through withdrawal without the suffering. We have pioneered a regimen of iboga and ibogaine and added natural supplements to facilitate the regeneration of the natural receptors in your brain. This proprietary treatment may reduce recovery time by half! Unlike other clinics that limit Ibogaine due to cost. Elemental Health will provide you with as much Ibogaine as you need to get through withdrawal comfortably. We will not allow you to suffer.

Treatment takes place in a private, luxury hotel type setting.

All rooms are PRIVATE with their own PRIVATE BATH and entrance.