Stress, genes and what we eat

Stress, genes and what we eat

Stress, genes and what we eat are the most important factors that can cause heart diseases, poor blood circulation that lead eventually to heart attacks.

What actually happens in our body is that a blood vessel is blocked and it cannot deliver enough blood to the brain. This type of blockage is caused by a plague - a deposit formed over time and which is determined by the food we eat. The length of time in which a plague is formed depends on a series of factors, but unhealthy eating habits is the main element.

You must pay attention to all those things that affect you in order to maintain an iron health.
Exercise and you will eliminate stress, eat well and you will be more energetic and radiant. A good circulation to the heart is ensured and this can be seem from the outside. You will sleep less and have more energy, you''ll have more sexual stamina as blood is pumped at your sexual organs and even you skin won''t wrinkle that much. It''s important that you make healthy choices.

This heart healthy diet is not a weight loss diet, nor a treatment plan, but a lifestyle aimed at increasing the quality of life overall. Here is something you can do, with little sacrifice, to ensure that you are protecting your heart and other internal organs.

1. Portion control

What you eat and how much you eat are both important issues to take into consideration on the heart healthy diet. Chose to eat a low-calorie and rich-nutrients meals. If you find this to be difficult it''s better to steadily decrease the intake of food. Also to much salt, refined or processed foods are bad for you. By eating less you will protect your heart and regained your old waistline.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Eating more fruits and vegetables is not only a healthy habit, but a rule in the heart healthy diet. It''s good to know that these foods are not only rich in vitamins, but also that they are low in calories and high on fibers.

So with an apple a day or some carrot sticks you might be able to avoid the cravings for unhealthy foods.

3. Reduce fats and cholesterol

Eating trans foods and saturated fats can dramatically reduce the risk of heart attack and coronary artery disease. When a plague is formed from unsaturated fats this can lead to heart failure and maybe even atherosclerosis. Avoid fries, fast foods and other places that promote deep-fried meals.

Although this heart healthy diet seem to be as easy as 1,2,3, some find it difficult to change significantly their lifestyle for an unlimited period of time.

Be ambitious and you will see the result of the diet yourself as the heart is one of the most important organs and proper care is needed at all ages.