Vivant Skin Care Relocates to Miami Lakes, Launches Retail Operation

Vivant Skin Care Relocates to Miami Lakes, Launches Retail Operation

Local clinical skin care product manufacturer Vivant Skin Care recently moved their digs to a brand-new facility in Miami Lakes and began servicing the direct-to-retail market. The transition allowed the family-owned company to integrate their corporate office, developmental laboratory, warehouse, fulfillment services and an educational center.

“We are proud and excited to have joined the Miami Lakes business community,” says CEO Kelly Kendrick. “The timing was just right for us to expand our wholesale capacity, establish our retail arm and build a beautiful new center to better train our clients and representatives.” The new facility, located at 5753 NW 158 Street, is twice the size of the previous one, which was located in nearby Medley, and provides additional capacity for expansion.

With the change in business strategy, Vivant is growing rapidly and their daily shipments have increased two-fold. Vivant products are sold through dedicated skin care professionals around the world and select Internet retailers. They have a natural acceptability factor in the Caribbean and Latin American marketplaces, providing a non-surgical alternative to healthy skin, focusing on the correction of hyperpigmentation (melasma), premature aging, acne and the prevention of sun damage.

The Vivant research and development team, led by author, noted speaker and Lead Formulating Consultant Dr. James E. Fulton, MD, Ph.D., the co-developer of Retin A , has created a powerful and cost-effective line of skin care products. Vivant also supports their skin care professional distributors with ongoing education, seminars, suggested protocols and product manuals.


is a family-owned company with more than 40 years’ experience in the research, formulation and development of high-quality, corrective and preventative skin care products. Now located at 5753 NW 158 Street in Miami Lakes, FL, the company recently transitioned to the direct-to-retail market after having been an exclusively wholesale business since 1990. Prior to this shift, their products were successfully sold through doctors’ offices and medical spas. Vivant is now actively pursuing additional retail and international opportunities.

Vivant Skin Care’s products successfully treat resistant skin conditions found in ethnic skin types such as hyperpigmentation (melasma) and acne, giving them a natural acceptability rate in the Latin American and Caribbean marketplaces. An estimated 45-50 million women worldwide live with melasma, a condition that presents itself as unattractive brown patches or uneven skin color. The Vivant Skin Care line provides a non-surgical alternative to achieving even and clear skin.