What the Administration Won’t Tell you About ObamaCare

What the Administration Won’t Tell you About ObamaCare

The Administration is currently feverishly trying to get young people to sign up for ObamaCare before the end of March deadline. In order to accomplish this they are using all sorts of funny and appealing stunts that might please viewers of The Daily Show. However, they might just want to avoid the following words of truth spoken by Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor.

Although Mr. Reich did not play a key role in creating ObamaCare, nevertheless his views are shared by many of those who did. The only difference is, he has the guts to say what they all intend this health care system to be, and implies the rest are just lying to you. Check this video out, and then remember it when you see an ObamaCare sales pitch.

Of course, I don’t necessarily agree that the current system avoids sick people. Rather, the system may not provide insurance for some sick patients, but instead provides care in a very expensive way – at the emergency room. Apart from this, though, Mr. Reich has it basically correct.

This clip has been around for a long time, but basically no one wanted to believe that our President would lie to us about health care the way he did. Certainly he intends us only good. Sure he does - that’s why, in his own words, he had to break his promise to keep a more basic (secret) promise. The Progressives’ promise of gradually reaching Utopia – hope you like it! If not, no worries! We can tweak it and tweak it to obtain continual progress until, a hundred years from now, this Government-mandated system will be, perhaps, half as good as what we originally had.

Of course, we may lose a few patients along the way, but it will be for a noble cause: Fairness – lousy health care for all (except for our political and business leaders, who will devise rules that will allow them to escape the clutches of the system).


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