Chocolate Could Help to Lower the Risk of Heart Disease Health Remedies

Chocolate Could Help to Lower the Risk of Heart Disease  Health Remedies

Chocolate Could Help to Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

Transcript by BY JING LIU ANCHOR JIM FLINK You’re now watching multisource global video news analysis from Newsy. Good news for chocoholics…new, more comprehensive research shows chocolate could help to lower the risk of heart disease. Researchers compared a number of studies on chocolate with potentially delicious results. Redorbit reports “The University of Cambridge pooled results from seven studies involving 100000 people. Five of the studies showed enhanced benefits between eating chocolate and cardiovascular health, while two of the studies failed to do so.” According to the International Business Times, this study backs up previous claims of the potential link between chocolate consumption and good health. “Regular consumption of chocolaty treats may reduce the risk of heart disease by more than a third, and according to research, it can also cut the risk of stroke by nearly a third.” Is this a good excuse to buy the five-pound bag of Hershey bars and indulge? Edmonton Journal says you might need to think twice. “… there were limitations with the pooled analysis, which did not differentiate between dark and milk chocolate, and more research was needed to test whether chocolate actually caused better health outcomes or if it was due to some other confounding factor.” CNN also reminds: don’t forget the large amount of sugar and fat in chocolate… especially when researchers still don’t know the quantity that enables chocolate to have the health …

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