Finding cheap health insurance

Finding cheap health insurance

Cheap Health Insurance

Everyone wants to get a cheap health insurance package. The following tips will help you save some money while purchasing a cheap health insurance plan.

  • Use an Agent

    An agent can save you both time and money when shopping for health insurance. The agent can work with your specific insurance needs to find you the lowest rate possible.

  • Determine Your Needs Before Buying

    Research the various insurance plans, coverages and options. Find out which best suits you and your family. Don''t buy more insurance than you need (i.e. young married couple probably doesn''t need serious medical coverage other than pregnancy). Consult an agent to answer any specific question pertaining to you.

  • Don''t Buy Policies Excluding Pre-Existing Conditions

    Avoid plans that exclude pre-existing health conditions. You may end up paying for a policy that doesn''t cover you, which defeats the purpose of having insurance! If you must, try and get one with a maximum six month waiting period.

  • Avoid Duplications In Your Policy

    Reconsider "supplementary" additions to your health insurance. You may already be adequately covered by your existing plan. Also consider that a component of auto insurance covers certain portions of health insurance (and vice versa). Check your policies.

  • Review Your Policy on a Regular Basis

    Always check the coverage of your policy on a regular basis. Make sure it''s flexible enough to meet the ever-evolving needs of you and your family.

  • Choose a Higher Deductible

    If you and your family are fortunate enough to enjoy extended periods of great health, you may want to choose a higher deductible. For example, increasing it from $500 to $1,000 will significantly reduce your insurance premium.

  • Pay Premiums Annually

    Although paying premiums annually may seem like a hassle, it is well worth the effort. You can avoid the service fee and receive a discount for pre-payment! Ask your agent for availability and eligibility.