For Masquelier's Authentic French OPCs and Pycnogenols and other nutritional products, please choose between ONLINE, Telephone, or Mail-In ordering here:

For Masquelier's Authentic French OPCs and Pycnogenols and other nutritional products, please choose between ONLINE, Telephone, or Mail-In ordering here:

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Antioxidant Support

Anti-inflammatory Support

Athletic Performance & Support

Attention Support

Cardiovascular Support

Colds & Flu


Digestion & Colon Support

Eye Support

Hair & Nails Support

Hormone Support

Immune Support

Joint Function & Support

Mental Support

Mood Support


Prostate Support

Masquelier''s Original OPCs

Respiratory Support

Sexual Vigor

Sleep & Rest Support

Stress & Energy

Weight Loss & Management

Younger, Radiant Skin

Yeast & Colon Support

The Proprietary Formula is not available in any store.

WARNING: Not all PYCNOGENOL®* and OPC products are created equal. The PYCNOGENOL®* and OPC brands at the local store are NOT even close in quality of results (they do not have the EXCLUSIVE proprietary formulation with proteolytic enzymes, phytonutrients and cold processing for 100% bioavailability), also they become much more expensive. Heat destroys the activity of vitamins and enzymes, but costs less to manufacture. And many companies use low quality cellulose to hold the tablets together, and excipients that make the active ingredients practically non-absorbable. Also, the other brands available test very low for the active indgredient, OPCs, and electrochemical capacity - and contain insoluble residue. Ours is the proprietary and secret formulation that enhances rather than detracts from the body''s ability to absorb Masquelier''s Authentic OPCs. Pharmaceutical Grade and Batch Testing guarantees that each tablet is 100% bioavailable and 100% pure! The difference is felt by people after trying other brands.

For best results, compare brands and you will FEEL the difference! Look for MASQUELIER''s® name and patent on the bottle. To comply with restrictions imposed on nutritional supplements: there are no sales materials included in this educational web page. Questions? You may contact us by sending an email message to the address listed below...

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**PYCNOGENOL is a registered trademark of the International Nutrition Company (France, Portugal, Australia, South Korea, and other countries) and Horphag Overseas Ltd. (U.S. and other countries) protected by U.S. Patent # 4,698,360 and international patents. Professor Jack Masquelier is the inventor of both the patent and the term, "PYCNOGENOL". And now Prof. Masquelier''s French companies, including Société Civile d''Investigations Pharmacologiques d''Aquitaine (SCIPA), are members of the International Nutrition Company (INC) group of companies.

Masquelier named and trademarked his invention PYCNOGENOL® in France, but now he cannot use his trade name within the U.S. because of his former International broker, Horphag. According to Dr. Masquelier (who does not speak English): "Horphag plans coup and secretively files for registration of the trademark in it''s own name... This covert attempt to grab control by means of plain theft of intellectual property set the stage for the current trademark problems." Therefore, Horphag changed extraction manufacturing companies and now sells a DIFFERENT pine bark based extract - NOT manufactured or endorsed by Masquelier. Horphag''s extract does NOT carry the trademark PYCNOGENOL in France. On the other hand, Masquelier''s extract does NOT carry the trademark PYCNOGENOL in Amercia. This is why there is much confusion in the American marketplace. Therefore, while the legal issues of terminology are settled in the United States courts, look for MASQUELIER''s® name and patent on the bottle. These products GUARANTEE Masquelier''s genuine FRENCH PYCNOGENOL extract to distinguish his original OPCs products from inactive bioflavonoids, generic grape seed and pine bark extracts and other offshoot products, passed off by unauthorized competitors. Prof. Masquelier''s authentic oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) from Maritime Pine tree bark and grape seeds are the result of 50 years of scientific research and development. The original MASQUELIER''s products are unsurpassed, well defined, safe and highly efficaceous patented products. Look for the authentic MASQUELIER''s®. You can feel the difference!

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