Making Homemade Chocolate - 5 Tools You'll Need

Making Homemade Chocolate - 5 Tools You'll Need

You really don''t need any special equipment to make homemade chocolate, despite what you may read about candy making. In fact, there are only five basic tools that you have to have in order to make rich and luscious chocolate at home. You may even have some of them in your kitchen already.

  • Candy thermometer – If you want to make homemade chocolate and other candy, a candy thermometer is a great tool. Some types of chocolate candy needs to be heated to a certain temperature in order to be safe to eat. Other types of chocolate has to be heated to a certain temperature for the liquid to be hot enough to pour and set properly in a mold - so it’s a good idea to have at least one candy thermometer on hand.
  • Mixing bowls – Making homemade chocolate requires lots and lot so of mixing bowls, especially if you are mixing other ingredients into a chocolate base. You needn''t spend a lot of money on mixing bowls though, check out yard sales and your local Goodwill or Salvation Army store where you can usually find these handy kitchen tools for under a dollar.
  • Pots and pans -A pre-made chocolate base can be heated in the microwave until it liquefies enough to work with but if you''re mixing in other ingredients, you''ll still need different size saucepans to bring the chocolate to the correct temperature. As with your mixing bowls, you can often find mismatched pots and pans at charity stores and garage sales. A double boiler pan is very handy to have and sometimes you can make your own double boiler when a chocolate recipe calls for you to use a double boiler by using two different size pans.
  • Candy Molds – After adding various flavorings to create your unique blend of chocolate candy, the other creative part of chocolate making is deciding which candy molds to use. Hearts, flowers, berries, butterflies - all these shapes are available in candy molds. It’s always good idea to have a wide variety of chocolate molds that are clean and ready to go.
  • Candy Coloring – Once your chocolate candy is blended and poured into molds, you may want to decorate your handmade chocolates with special candy coloring. Regular food coloring won’t work to color chocolate. To get the colors to show up on the chocolate candy it’s necessary to have special food coloring that is made for candy and chocolate. You can find candy coloring at any craft supply store or candy supply store.

These are just a few of the supplies that you will need for making homemade chocolate but if you have these simple supplies on hand, you''ll have no trouble making unique and delicious homemade chocolates any time.

If you are going to make a special type of chocolate or you want to try a special homemade chocolate recipe then you might need some specialized equipment but in general you can get by just using these pieces of equipment which you already have in your kitchen.

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