The Healthy Appetite: FAQ

The Healthy Appetite: FAQ

Q: What is The Healthy Appetite all about?

A: I started The Healthy Appetite so I could build a collection of new healthy recipes I tried in my own kitchen. I love to cook but don''t usually have a lot of time (or money) for complicated gourmet recipes, so I usually stick to dishes that are easy to prepare with basic ingredients. Visit my About page to read more about my story!Q: Where do you get your recipes?

A: Cooking is a very creative process for me, so for the most part--I make them up! I''m often inspired by a certain ingredient, or in the mood for a certain type of food, and start dreaming up all of the possibilities. I eat everything I post on this blog, so the recipes are a direct reflection of my tastes and cravings! I browse Pinterest and other blogs often, so many of my ideas are loosely based off something I''ve seen...if I replicate the recipe closely, I make sure to give credit to the source.Q: How do you have time to cook while you''re in dental school?

A: It''s all about planning ahead! I have to actively make time in my schedule for grocery shopping, food prep, and''s not easy, but it''s worth it! I try to spend a couple hours on Sunday afternoon grocery shopping and making breakfasts (like Easy Egg Muffins or Homemade Instant Oatmeal Cups) and lunches (like Pack N'' Go Salads or Southwest Vegetable Soup) for the week, so I don''t have to think about those meals when things get crazy. I also use that time to think about what meals I want to make for dinner during the week, and often cook extra servings for leftovers. I generally only "cook" one or two nights a week, and the other nights I eat leftovers or something easy like a salad. While it can be tough to find that time during the week to go the grocery store and prep meals, eating healthy and saving money are worth those extra few hours.Q: Is this a "gluten-free" blog?

A: While almost all of my recipes are gluten-free, I don''t like to think of The Healthy Appetite as a GF blog. The focus here is on healthy, tasty, and easy recipes that are coincidentally gluten-free, meaning everyone can make them and enjoy them! I generally try to avoid GF substitutes for foods that naturally contain gluten, because I''ve found that they rarely ever taste good. I''ve had much better success with naturally gluten-free foods, like quinoa, rice, corn, and rolled oats. Not to mention, GF substitutes come with a hefty price tag for a product that usually falls short of the "real thing" thanks!Q: How can you afford to eat healthy when you''re on a tight student budget?

A: I''m going to let you in on a little secret...buying simple, whole, natural foods is actually cheaper than loading up your cart with processed snacks and pre-packaged meals. I''ve said it before, but I LOVE Trader Joe''s because of it''s low prices on staples like nuts, almond milk, dried fruit, grains, tofu, frozen and seasonal vegetables. Since I don''t have a car, I usually do a "big shop" about once a month at Trader Joe''s and spend around $80 stocking up on essentials. In between "big shops," I pick up fresh produce and whatever I run low on at the local corner market in walking distance from my apartment, and spend about $20-30/week. I would estimate my monthly grocery budget is about $150...this might seem like a lot, but when I consider that it''s tough to buy a meal in San Francisco for less than $10, I''m actually saving quite a bit while eating a balanced and nutrient-filled diet.Q: Do you ever eat "junk food"?

A: If you''ve seen some of my sweet treat recipes, you''ve probably figured out I have a major sweet tooth. I also have a salty tooth, if such a thing exists. I try to eat foods that are nutritious and energizing on a regular basis, but I also believe in enjoying all of my favorite snacks and treats in moderation. I feel best when I eat lots of fruits and veggies, nuts, whole grains, and beans, but I also like to indulge every once in a while. I don''t believe in dieting and I don''t believe in trying to eat healthy 100% of the''s never worked for me and I find that I''m much happier and more satisfied when I enjoy a wide variety of foods!

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