Bronchial pneumonia in young children

Bronchial pneumonia in young children


Bronchial pneumonia in young children
question:Cheeper bronchopneumonia
anwser:Bronchopneumonia says flocculus is pneumonic again, for children the commonnest pneumonic, it is with the infant especially much. This disease all can come on all the year round, and when cold season of You Yidong spring chill and climate change abruptly, see more. Modern medicine thinks bronchopneumonia mostly by pneumococcus be caused by, main pathological change is dispersed the pulmonary alveolus around bronchus, bronchus wall reachs mucous membrane agnail, do not affect deep, sometimes ailment kitchen confluence is become relatively large-scale bronchopneumonia. Medicine thinks this disease basically belongs to a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in " wind is warm " ill limits. Hair cause of disease does not originally because of be being defended for lung, wind heat expresses buccal bazoo to make lung from flesh, as a result heats up gloomy lung gas, evaporate fluid is become phlegmy, the evil that be like disease is farther inside invade, can produce heat to be mixed into battalion blood the change of empty evil defect. Main and clinical expression is calorific, cough, bosom painful or gas is urgent, nose difficulty of grandma of fan, cough up phlegm, choke, vomiting, breath.

Massage method massages a method 2 lives recuperation
Massage method one

1. Commonly used gimmick
(1) the little patient is helped up hold in the arms or lie on his back, the parent secures little patient upper limbs, clear lung classics, retreat the six hollow organs 300 times each, push 3 close 100 times.
(2) little patient Fu lies, cent pushs bladebone 100 times, press the Yu that knead lung, big vertebra 1 minute each.
(3) by knead the smell of mutton acupuncture point of medium, Feng Long each 2 minutes.

2. Add along with card decrease
(1) wind heat makes lung model: Calorific aversion to cold, sweat is little, have a headache, buccal small thirsty, cough gas is urgent, phlegmy stick lubricious white quantity little, pectoral coerce secret anguish, glossal edge needle is red, liver mosses is thin yellow. Commonly used gimmick is added
① pushs the sun 30 times, push 3 close 300 times.
② takes acupuncture point of well of wind pool, shoulder 10 times each.
(2) lung of phlegmy hot stop up: Bare of high fever face, bend is thirsty desire drink, cough is phlegmy fizzle out and stick, or the silk that place blood, or for ferruginous color phlegmy, the bosom is fuggy thick, the bosom is painful, the tongue is qualitative red, liver mosses yellow be bored with. Commonly used gimmick is added
① retreats the six hollow organs 300 times, clear heart classics 100.
② adds the grand that knead abundant 50 times, the Wan in kneading 3 minutes.
(3) the hot battalion that enter a heart: Calorific do not retreat, nightly and aggravating, irritating, from time to time deliriouses speech, even mind is not clear, gas is urgent, in larynx phlegmy toot, phlegmy in carry blood, brothers is throbbing, lip is dry, coating on the tongue is brown. Commonly used gimmick is added