Health Insurance Rates are going up NOT down!

Health Insurance Rates are going up NOT down!

Welcome to the Future of Healthcare...Today!

The Healthcare Industry is in a state of Turmoil!


Doctors and patients are unhappy with the restrictions HMO’s are imposing on patient care!

“The biggest jumps in health premiums are forecasted for the next year at 10% to 13% for larger employers and 20% or more for smaller ones!”

*USA Today December issue

Experts predict that more insurance companies will drop customers...

Cigna Health insurance dropped 2 million seniors nationwide!

Humana dropped 113,000 people in Florida December 1st, 2,000!

Estimates from health care agencies place the number of people without healthcare at over 47 Million Americans!

  • Many individuals are unable to obtain health insurance due to pre-existing conditions!
  • Over half of the small businesses in America do NOT offer health benefits to their employees, while large companies are utilizing temporary workers and part timers and slashing benefits!

The Solution!

Care Entrée is the first healthcare savings program of its kind!

Our Goal is to make Quality Healthcare Affordable for everyone!

We save you money by accessing PPO rates that typically only insurance companies have access to!

Care Entrée is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau Online.

The Medical Networks

What is a PPO?

  • A PPO is a group of Preferred Providers that have joined an Organization in which each provider is required to meet certain requirements and qualifications in order to maintain membership!
  • We offer you access to 2 large and reputable PPO networks!
  • Access over 400,000 providers nationwide!
  • You have the Freedom to choose the services you need without a middleman involved!
  • Our Networks are used by major insurance companies such as: Amerihealth, Humana, United Healthcare, Mutual of Omaha and over 60 other major carriers!

PPO Explanation with Insurance

We are able to save you money by giving you access to PPO rates that typically only insurance companies have had access too.

Let''s take a look at the relationship between the Insurance Company, the PPO and the Provider!

1) Customers send Insurance Companies a premium each month for health insurance.

2) A percentage of that premium is given to the PPO, (maybe $5 or $6 per month). So the PPO is earning REVENUE on thousands of customers each month!

The following schedule are for demonstrative purposes, actual

3) In exchange for this revenue, the PPO provides a Fee Schedule to the Insurance Company.

The Fee Schedule is database of every possible procedure that can be done to the human body!

4) The Insurance Company in turn uses this Fee Schedule to reduce the amount of claims that they must pay to the provider!

5) Using this schedule an insurance company can save up to 90% off the actual cost.

6) With Care Entrée you access these same allowables therefore saving up to 90%!

3) The receptionist will contact Care Entrée to verify membership status. Care Entrée will find out what procedures are being done to you and match them up to the procedures in the Fee Schedule.

With Care Entrée all you pay is a LOW monthly fee of $54.95 to access ALL our networks!

There are NO deductibles or Waiting Periods!

The following schedule are for demonstrative purposes, actual procedures may vary by code and price.



Full Price



New Office visit




Established Office visit




Blood Test
















Hospital Stay with Surgery





  • You have a medical bill that totals $1,000! For this example we will say that you have a fractured arm!
  • Because you have met your deductible you are responsible for 20% of the bill which is $200!

In this example the insurance company would pay the difference between your co-payments or deductibles and the allowable amount.





New Patient Visit



Established Pat Visit



Hospital Stay



Broken Arm


My son was in an accident in School, where he broke his elbow in two places. He was admitted to a prominent local medical center, and had surgery performed on his arm. We were very surprised and shocked when we received the bill from the hospital, Which totaled $15,791.37. But with the Care Entrée program, my responsibility was only $873.00! We encourage everyone to take advantage of this excellent program; it helped us save thousands of dollars!

Douglas Moore

The Care Entrée dental program is a fantastic value that is offered through 2 large national networks! With savings as high as 89% you can see why it''s turning heads in the industry!

Access over 20,000 dental providers nationwide!

Prices may vary from one geographical location to another, but on an average the following examples are what you can expect to save:


Original Fee

Care Entrée


Oral Exam




Teeth Cleaning








Simple Extraction




Root Canal








Access to over 53,000 locations!

Kmart, Wal-Mart, Target, Publix, Winn Dixie, Wal Greens, Eckerd''s and many more local and regional pharmacies!

Toll Free Access 7 days a week!

Save even more money with the mail order program!

Whether you’re looking for hypnotherapy to help you stop smoking or a Therapeutic Massage from a therapist, Care Entrée is there to answer that need!
24 Hour Toll Free Hotline Staffed by highly experienced live registered nurses!

These experienced nurses can offer medical advice to help you understand the urgency of a situation, whether you need to go to the hospital or whether other, less expensive options will help resolve the issue!


Did you know that the cost of a nursing home averages $42,000 a year?

Whether you are in your 30''s or 60''s if you require the services of assisted living or a nursing home, you can receive these services at significant savings!

With the Care Entrée Senior Care program you can have peace of mind knowing that our program is catered for the unique needs of seniors!
If you experience an accident while away from home, the unfamiliar surroundings and uncertainty can make it an intimidating encounter!
If pets get sick, wouldn''t you want the very best care for them?

Save on Medical Services, Pet Supplies, Kennel Services and much more!

A Retail Value of $99.00 per pet per year!

  • 24 Hr Toll Free Access!
  • 3 FREE office consultations!
  • Save on tax preparation services, estate planning, traffic violations, wills and much more!
Enjoy the savings from all of the above programs in our "POWER PROGRAM" for only $54.95 per month!

Or custom buld your own plan for $9.95 - $54.95!

FIVE plans to choose from!

You can expect superior customer service! You can call a Toll Free Number and actually get a live person answering the phone!

Because we are NOT an insurance company
No one is denied and all pre-existing conditions are Accepted!

There are NO Annual Maximums!
All IRS dependents can be included!

1) Are you ready to get started?

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3) This is not for you…but you have someone in mind that would love to save money on healthcare?

Which one are you?

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Jack Parry- IMR #17256