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Home Is Where the Health Is - Thompson Electric Plumbing Heating Cooling

Fire prevention should always be at the top of a homeowner''s priority list. It often starts with making sure that the major home appliances such as our heating units are clean and in good working order.

Pay Special Attention to Appliances

The importance of keeping our home’s furnace and overall HVAC system healthy and well-maintained cannot be stressed enough. Both gas furnaces and electric heating units should be inspected and thoroughly cleaned at least annually by a professional heating and cooling specialist so that any issues can be addressed. Homeowners can play a role by staying aware of any potential fire hazards such as dirt and debris buildup, keeping clutter or flammable items away from heating units and by changing filters on a regular basis.

Homeowners also tend to neglect the lint screens in their clothes dryers, allowing lint to build up within these appliances. Lint is an extremely flammable material. Excess lint could cause the appliance to burst into flames if a dryer experiences an electrical fault or overheats. Roughly 15,000 lint-related clothes dryer fires occur each year in our nation, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Another appliance that homeowners must keep a close eye on is their water heater. The pilot light is always on in a gas water heater, so the area around it must be kept clear. Valves for controlling temperature and pressure must also be kept in good condition to prevent the possibility of a fire or an explosion.

A combination of homeowner vigilance and regular inspections of all appliances from certified HVAC and plumbing professionals should greatly diminish the chances of a fire occurring in your home.

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