Machine Crunches Give You a Chiseled Abdomen

Machine Crunches Give You a Chiseled Abdomen

Getting a well chiselled abdomen totally depends on how you work them ? no one was born with a six pack abs. You will have to understand that just like any muscle, if you want to build definition, you will have to hit your muscles with various resistances and at various angles. Well, regular crunches will help you tone your abs, but if you really want the chiselled look, you will have to abdominal machine too.

What You Need to Perform machine Crunches

You will an abdominal crunch machine, time and dedication.

How to Perform Machine Crunches

Look for the abdominal crunch machine at the gym. This machine has a seat that is attached to a weight stack. You will also notice that a padded area is also attached to the weight stack, around the area where your chest should be when you sit down (on the seat). It is not uncommon to mistake this machine for the back extension ? this is because these two machines look very similar. The one and only difference between the abdominal crunch machine and the back extension machine is way the padded bar moves. The padded bar moves backward on the back extension machine and moves forward on the abdominal crunch machine.

Start with a light weight so that you see what you can successfully handle for repetitions. Choose a weight that you can handle for at least 10 repetitions. You should also make sure that you adjust the height of the seat and the placement of the padding according to your height. Some abdominal crunch machines have charts that provide institution for appropriate settings for both the padding and the seating.

When you sit in the machine, place both feet flat on the ground. You should place your chest on the padding and make sure you place your hands where you feel the most comfortable. You can place them on the pad or place them on the handles attached to the seat. Make sure that you keep your back and abdominal muscles tight all through the movement in order to avoid injury and to also get the best out of the exercise. As soon as you are seated in this position with your chest placed on the pad, you are ready to start this exercise ? this will be the starting position.

You should push your chest forward on the pad and ensure that your abdominal muscles do a lot of the work. When you lean face first towards the ground, you should begin to feel a tightness in your abdominal muscles. Do not over do it! Just make sure you lean as far forward as you possibly can until you feel a tightness/contraction. When you feel the tightness in your abdominal muscles, hold the position for up to a couple of seconds.

Go back to the starting position, and repeat the exercise for at least ten (10) repetitions. Stop if you feel that your abdominal muscles are beginning to cramp. It is really a great idea to warm up the abdominal muscles before, during and after the exercise in order to avoid discomfort or injury.