Nutrition Research Paper Topic suggestions?

Nutrition Research Paper Topic suggestions?

I have to do a research paper for my Nutrition class , any suggestions on a topic?? thanks people.

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Nutrition information and misinformation (on the net and in the news)

Common digestive problems (e. g. ‘heartburn’, IBS, etc)

Health effects of starch and fibers

Health effects of lipids (i. e. cardiovascular problems)

Vegetarian diets (and possible protein deficiency)

Feasting vs fasting – how the body responds

Health risks associated with body weight and body fat

Problems of underweight; weight gain strategies

Childhood obesity and early development of chronic diseases

Enteral nutrition and inborn errors of metabolism

Dental health and its relationship with chronic illness

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Porridge, Yogurt, and Tomato in Candida Foods

Keep Your Cholesterol in 4 Simple Ways

Whole Grain Pasta for Better Nutrition

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