Stay Fit At Work Without Exercise

Stay Fit At Work Without Exercise

Health and fitness is not only for those who have hours of free time everyday! So if you’ve been telling yourself that the guy next door has those wonder abs just because he has time to slog it out at the gym, think again! We’ll let you in on how most people stay fit – while they work.

• Avoid those slugs – think about it! Unhealthy co workers just seem to breed their kind at work! No matter how much you’ve decided on eating healthy – you always seem to be hit by a well meaning colleague carrying back pizzas oozing bacon and cheese! How do you tackle these?

1. Get out at lunch hour – go for a walk, shop or do whatever suits you! Stay away from those fragrant (unhealthy) smells that emanate from the office canteen during lunch hour.

2. Refuse – Those Snickers, chips and ‘wee bites’ of pizzas. Those are the things that add up to disaster when you are trying to stay healthy! If the boss insists on a bite, take a small piece – and that’s it.

3. If you can’t head them off, just tell them you have a medical condition that prevents you from taking those gooey slices (always works).

• Carry healthy snacks- lots of people have their lunch and evenings planned out – but it’s the in between that get them! Get smart – have the right snacks available, so that you are never caught hungry without any preparation! Keep these available at work:

1. Uncut fruit
2. Protein powder – so that you can just add water and you’re good to go!
3. Whole grain cereals
4. Nuts (go slow on these).

• Relent – you CAN’T stay on a perpetual health drive forever! Allow yourself an occasional cheat-just keep these under control. Allow yourself controlled ‘cheating time’ every week – that’s when you savor and delight in a SINGLE piece of pizza or a BITE sized dessert! You can then enjoy your time while staying healthy.