Why Nutritional Cleansing Is More Important Than Ever

Why Nutritional Cleansing Is More Important Than Ever

Situated at the summit of an auspicious mountain is the glorious Yumbulagang palace, the oldest palace in Tibet, with more than 2,000 years of history as a spiritual and healing center for kings and Dalai Lamas. Nowadays the palace is still a sanctuary for Buddhist monks and travelers alike who hope to take in the sublime views of the landscape below. The surrounding valley is so pristine and beautiful that legend has it that drinking water from a perennial spring found there will cure any disease.

You could say the palace is an ultimate place of purification where one can drink in pure spring water, breathe in pure air and enjoy health-giving foods grown from the nutrient-rich earth in the region. If you happen to be a monk living there, then you probably don’t need nutritional cleansing.

As for the rest of us, we live in a completely different world. In our daily lives our bodies are under constant onslaught of stressors that come in the form of pollutants—via food, water and air—from a poor diet, and from the stress of busy schedules, conflict and strain at work, conflict in relationships, and even conflict in traffic. There’s little doubt that traditional nutritional thinking won’t cover our needs. We need extra help for helping us guard our bodies, help us to detoxify and to lose weight.

Now, there is plenty of reason to be leery of claims regarding safe, long-term weight loss and optimum health after being subjected to hundreds of “miracle” fad diets over the years. Whenever we hear about someone who has lost a lot of weight and has kept it off for longer than a few months with little effort, we find the story just a little too hard to believe.

Nutritional cleansing is no different and we receive e-mails about them daily. Most come from high skepticism because the simple fact is that “most diets don’t work.” But just as you may have discovered since trying nutritional cleansing, the whole-system approach that Isagenix provides does work, and it contains the right nutrients and botanicals given at the right time for maximum support to the body.

Ask a Tibetan monk about health and he’d tell you that you mustn’t lose faith in the body’s capability to produce miracles. Isagenix may not be exactly a miracle—the system was created with careful research and design—but just ask anyone who has witnessed or experienced his or her own success story and you might just agree Isagenix is a phenomenon. And, we have it to share with the world.

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