family health insurance Articles

family health insurance Articles

Doctors Report Dire Health Care forecastPhysicians Make a Case for Publicly Funded Insurance Coverage at a Forum on the (RedNova)
Linda Humble comes from a family of hard workers, yet few of them have health insurance. Friends call with stories of financial ruin because of mounting medical bills.

Part II: Doctors Accuse Insurance Companies Of Fraud, Extortion (KMBC via Yahoo! News)
A major showdown is brewing between your doctor and your health insurance provider and your family is caught in the middle, KMBC''s Jim Flink reported Friday.

Guest opinion: Lack of health insurance costs all Montana residents (Billings Gazette)
One in five Montanans is uninsured. Historically, Montana has had one of the highest percentages of population without insurance in the nation. Being uninsured means going without needed care. It means minor illnesses become major ones because care is delayed.

Every Washington child deserves health insurance (Seattle Times)
American families put kids first every day, working hard to give their children opportunities they never had. Washington, D. C., however, turns a blind...

Aetna Announces Support for Individual Health Insurance Requirement (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)
Aetna today announced support for an individual health insurance requirement, whereby states or the federal government would require individuals to obtain basic health insurance coverage.

A person''s responsibility, as well as a right Under Assembly proposal, basic coverage was required with subsidies for (San Francisco Chronicle)
Last year, health-insurance premiums for a family of four in California cost, on average, nearly $10,000. The Kaiser Family Foundation projects that cost will rise 10 to 15 percent annually over the next five years -- for those businesses and their employees who can afford it.

Young adult gambles on good health High price of insurance dictates lifestyle choices (San Francisco Chronicle)
I haven''t seen a real doctor in more than three years. In fact, the closest I have come to enjoying regular access to a doctor is an irregular diet of television hospital dramas.

Insurance award on city agenda (The Shawnee News-Star)
The city''s health insurance hot potato is on the Shawnee City Commission''s plate for Monday''s regular meeting. Bids were opened at the April 18 meeting from insurance companies and several agents.

How long-term care insurance can help you (Omaha World-Herald)
Many people think of long-term care insurance as nursing home protection, but more seniors are buying policies to help ensure they can afford being cared for at home. For every two patients receiving care in a nursing home, approximately five are receiving their care at home.*

Medical costs prove a burden even for some with insurance ( via Yahoo! News)
Think your health insurance has you covered? Think again. Even insured workers can find themselves on the hook for thousands of dollars, often at a time when illness has decreased their income.