Remove Facial Hair With Turmeric and Other Natural Products

Remove Facial Hair With Turmeric and Other Natural Products

There is a tendency for some facial hair growth, in women, around the areas of upper lip, chin and sides of the face. When the hair is thin and downy it’s not a big concern but when it gets a bit coarse and apparent it tends to stand out on the clear face of a woman. There are some chemical-free ways of removing, and reducing, facial hair which can be implemented at home, which are listed below.

1.) Using “sugaring” method to remove facial hair

The advantage of using the “sugaring” method to remove facial hair is that it’s delicate on the skin, does not leave any scarring and it removes even the shortest of hairs (as small as 1/16th of inch). It’s also easy to execute, making it one of the most favored methods to remove facial hair naturally.

It’s quite easy to prepare the sugaring solution at home, using the below process:

  • Use a standard tea cup for the preparing the solution.
  • Mix 2 cup of sugar in half a cup of water in a pan over medium heat, stir it till the sugar dissolves and pour a quarter cup (1/4 of the cup) of lemon juice into this solution.
  • Heat the solution till it bubbles.
  • Remove the pan from the heat source and allow it sit for while till it’s no longer too hot to touch.

While the solution cools down, you can cleanse your face with some “gram flour” or corn flour to remove facial oil (so that the solution grips the facial hair more firmly). Once the solution is ready (when it’s warm but not hot enough to burn the skin), you will need to apply it evenly in a thick layer over the facial area from where you want to remove the hair, you can use your fingers for this purpose. Place a cotton strip or a muslin strip (or some commercially available denim strips), over the layer of solution and smooth it out in the direction in which the hair has been growing – the strip should stick firmly into the solution.

After 6 minutes or so, when the solution has cooled on your face and the strip has hardened around the solution, hold the end of the strip that’s in the direction of your hair growth and tear it away, firmly, in the opposite direction so that it pulls out the hair in that movement. There will be some pain when the hair comes out of the follicle, but it’s quite tolerable. You might need to repeat this process if you missed out on some hair.

Nowadays one can procure a “sugaring kit” for facial hair removal directly from the market (would be available at the skin care section of pharmacies). The sugaring kit will contain a “gel” that you would need to heat up and some “denim” strips that’s more effective than cotton strips. It’s not very expensive and the directions are similar to what has been mentioned above except that you don’t have to make a sugaring solution, you will just need to heat the gel that comes with the kit.

2.) Using resin wax to remove facial hair

Sugaring is a more preferred method for removing facial hair as comparing to using resin wax because the latter can cause some redness (or even scabs) around the area where it’s applied. Waxing is more suitable for removing hair from other body parts like your legs or hands, while sugaring is more preferable for your face. However, if you wish to try out waxing, to remove your facial hair, there are several home kits available for this purpose with explicit directions on how to use them.

3.) Tweezing with coil hair removers

Tweezing your hair out with a pair of tweezers can be quite an ordeal but this process has been made more comfortable with the advent of “coil” hair removers. You can buy them at shops that provision health care products. They are easy to use and not very painful. Be sure to apply some light antiseptic around the region when you tweeze your hair out to prevent any advent of infection.

4.) Using turmeric, lemon and gram flour for reducing facial hair growth

Though there is no real scientific proof to support the claim, but several women swear by turmeric to reduce facial hair growth (quite popular in southern India states). Also the use of lemon and gram flour (red lentil gram flour) mixture, in combination with turmeric powder is suggested to be effective in reducing facial hair growth in women, especially when their application is followed on consistent (twice a week) basis over a period of a few months.

Turmeric is excellent for natural skin care because it softens the skin and acts as an exfoliator that removes dead cells and facial hair. You can make a thick mix using turmeric powder, lemon juice and some gram flour, and apply it over the area of your face where you want to reduce facial hair. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, while it hardens around that area, and then scrub it off in a slow movement by rubbing your fingers in a circular motion (wet your fingers lightly for scrubbing). Once you are done scrubbing off the paste, you can cleanse your face with some warm water. If the turmeric leaves any yellow stains on your face, just cleanse that area further with some gram flour.

Follow this method twice or thrice a week for a period of a few months seems to achieve the desired effect. However, this is just a traditionally used method, there are no scientific studies conducted to test its effectiveness. But since turmeric is good for the skin, you are obviously going to benefit from the use of this method.