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Submitted by Dr. Kaycie Rosen on Mon, 12/20/2010 - 15:23

Nourishing ourselves and our loved ones is such a vitally important aspect of achieving vibrant health. In our culture, we tend to either have little regard for food or to look at it purely for its nutritional content.

It is so important to remember, though, that eating can and should nourish us on many levels: the joy we feel when we share a meal with loved ones, the satisfaction of seeing beautiful food prepared with skill and love, the comfort evoked by the scent of a beloved treat, and the pleasure of eating something delicious all add to our wellbeing in such a tangible way.

As we as a culture mature we have started to remember and embrace some of the vital elements of healthy eating minimally processed, locally grown, seasonal food is invariably better tasting and better for us.

The winter season is traditionally a time when we come indoors and spend time with each other . During this time, we have the opportunity to reconnect both with loved ones and with our own sense of emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This is the ideal time of year to take stock and be aware of our health on all levels; mind, body, and spirit. Providing good food for each other and our bodies is one delicious way to nourish ourselves on all levels.

May the season bring you deep nourishment!

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